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April 2016 Archives

Virginia man faces drug arrest; possible link to local overdoses

Facing any kind of felony charge in Virginia can be one of the most stressful experiences a person can face. The recommended sentences for non-violent drug arrest convictions are still set very high in most states. Those accused of this type of felony are often consumed by thoughts of incarceration, and what that outcome might mean for them and their loved ones.

All sex crimes are not the same but may be treated that way

Child sexual abuse is not something to be taken lightly and the law in Virginia does not. If a sex crime is perpetrated, authorities are not shy about cracking down on suspects. However, the public outcry over child sex abuse, justifiable as it is, can lead to overzealous prosecutions.

Be careful about the souvenir you bring back from your pot-cation

Virginia took a huge step last year when Governor Terry McAuliffe signed legislation that now gives patients with severe epilepsy access to medical marijuana oil. Unfortunately, this is the only step our state has taken in recent years toward fully decriminalizing medical marijuana and its recreational cousin. To this day, if residents want access to the drug in our state, they must do so illegally and risk arrest.