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Virginia Beach teens accused of making threats against schools

Young people are known for many things. While many of those things are positive, their impulsivity can at times get them in trouble. The failure to thoroughly think things through could lead them to find they are facing serious consequences. Sometimes those consequences might be criminal. Two teens were recently charged with felonies in connection with electronic threats they each made against schools. 

The rise in the popularity of social networking sites has made is possible to convey threats to a large number of people in a short amount of time. Though it is unclear exactly what felonies the teens in the recent cases are charged with, if convicted, the penalties could be harsh and dramatically change the path of their lives, forever. Accordingly, the parents of the individuals facing such charges should take steps to help their child fight the charges. The first step in this is to hire a lawyer who has a thorough understanding of cases of this nature.

These are not the first threats to schools to be made this year in the Virginia Beach area. In many situations it is possible the teens who are engaging in this activity are depressed and in need of emotional support. Depending on the specific circumstances surrounding a criminal charge, trial may not be a foregone conclusion. Instead, in some cases it may be possible to find an alternate way to address the charges.

Because time is of the essence in these situations, the sooner an attorney is contacted the better.

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