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No statute of limitations on murder so charges can come anytime

Depending on the crime, there is a certain time during which any charges that are brought against a suspect must be filed. If that period of time passes, it is not longer possible to prosecute someone for the crime—even if evidence that supports that person’s involvement is found. In the state of Virginia there is no time limit for when homicide charges may be brought. A Virginia Beach man who was recently sentenced for a murder that occurred more than decade ago, is well aware of this. 

The man admitted to shooting another man, who ultimately died, in the course of a robbery he committed with another individual. Though following the initial incident, which occurred in 2004, the case went cold, in 2013, evidence—including part of a broken gun retrieved and crime-scene photographs—was reviewed by authorities. At that time the man’s DNA was found on the part of the gun. When he was located a year later, he confessed.

It is unclear what prompted the man in this case to confess.

The man was recently sentenced and received 27 years in prison.

Regardless of how long it takes before a criminal charge is filed, the accused should contact a criminal defense lawyer as quickly as possible. That individual can help determine the best course of action. While in some cases it may involve admitting guilt in exchange for a deal, other times it will involve building a vigorous defense. The sooner contact is made, the sooner this process can begin.

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