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December 2015 Archives

Virginia Beach teens accused of making threats against schools

Young people are known for many things. While many of those things are positive, their impulsivity can at times get them in trouble. The failure to thoroughly think things through could lead them to find they are facing serious consequences. Sometimes those consequences might be criminal. Two teens were recently charged with felonies in connection with electronic threats they each made against schools

When Does the Child Decide?

In my family law practice, I have been asked on several occasions, "At what age does my child get to pick where he or she lives?" There is a common legal misconception in Virginia that there is a certain age when the child makes the decision. That is categorically false. Courts make child custody and visitation determination based on the 10 best interest of the child factors set out in §20-124.3. When factor tests are used the Court determines how much weight to apply to each factor, and often decisions come down to one or two factors being more favorable to one party.

Federal criminal charges should be taken seriously

All criminal charges should be taken seriously. This is particularly true when the charge is at the federal level. While those convicted of a crime at the state level in Virginia could face serious consequences, these penalties are even harsher when a conviction occurs in a federal court.

No statute of limitations on murder so charges can come anytime

Depending on the crime, there is a certain time during which any charges that are brought against a suspect must be filed. If that period of time passes, it is not longer possible to prosecute someone for the crime—even if evidence that supports that person’s involvement is found. In the state of Virginia there is no time limit for when homicide charges may be brought. A Virginia Beach man who was recently sentenced for a murder that occurred more than decade ago, is well aware of this.