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November 2015 Archives

Virginia Tech football player arrested for drunk driving

Most people are aware that teenagers do not always make the best decisions. This sometimes extends beyond the teen years into their twenties, and while attending college some people continue to make decisions that are questionable. Sometimes those decisions get them into trouble with the law. A football player who attends Virginia Tech knows this all too well.

Problems with police paperwork may lead to overturned conviction

As is the case for all police officers throughout the state of Virginia, there are rules in place that law enforcement must follow when investigating or arresting someone. Those laws are in place to protect citizens from officers who are overzealous. When they are violated, someone who is accused of committing a crime could find that the charges are dropped. It is even possible that individuals who are convicted of a crime could be let off the hook. Recently, several individuals in this situation recently found their drug convictions vacated.

Will Virginia juvenile offender system change?

It is not just adults who face criminal charges in the state of Virginia, juveniles do too. Though these matters are often handled differently than when adults are charged, the consequences can nonetheless be serious and dramatically change the life of the young person as well as his or her family. There is currently a movement in the state to change the policies currently in place pertaining to juvenile offenders.