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Governor's order changes gun laws in Virginia

Weapons crimes are one of many that residents of Virginia could find they are facing. As is the case with many criminal activities, it is possible that someone could be doing something against the law involving a gun without even realizing it. This could be due to a variety of factors including the accused being unaware of what the laws are. Early this month, the governor of Virginia, Terry McAuliffe, announced changes to the state’s gun laws via an executive order.  

Among other things, the order makes it illegal for someone to openly carry a gun in certain buildings owned by the state. It also laid ground work for regulations to be proposed that would take things a bit further, banning weapons that are concealed, in the same buildings. In addition, the order:

  • Orders a trace on every gun used in crimes in the state
  • Established a tip line to report gun crimes, that is statewide
  • Created a law enforcement –centered task force that works to make the prosecution of gun crimes, more robust.

It is unclear how any of the changes contained in the order will impact residents of Virginia. Specifically it will be interesting to see whether more or fewer arrests will be made in conjunction with weapons crimes. In any situation involving weapons charges –or any other crime for that matter— an accused should know that calling upon a criminal defense lawyer is a good first step toward securing a positive outcome. The sooner this action is undertaken the better.

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