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Charges against professional football player reduced

In an earlier post we wrote about the arrest of Tennessee Titan, Justin Scott Hunter, at a bar in Virginia Beach, over the Fourth of July holiday. Following his arrest he was charged with felonious assault. Though after the arrest he was released on bond, he had to adhere to certain terms including following a curfew and abstaining from consuming drugs or alcohol.

In this post we will provide an update on the matter.

Following the incident an investigation into the matter was commenced. In the process of collecting evidence, witnesses to the fight were interviewed. As a result of the information gathered in the course of that investigation, the charges against Hunter were recently reduced. Though he is still accused of committing a crime, rather than a felony, he is now charged with a misdemeanor count of assault and battery.

The reduction in charges is noteworthy because of the penalties that could be assessed if he is convicted. Consequences for a misdemeanor conviction are less harsh than those levied when someone is found guilty of committing a felony.

As this situation illustrates, it is important to realize that criminal charges initially filed may change before trial. In some situations it is even possible that they could be dismissed completely. Because there is no guarantee this will happen however, it is important that anyone under investigation for, or charged with, a violent crime, does what is necessary to create a defense to the accusations. A criminal defense lawyer can help.

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