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September 2015 Archives

Taskforce provides recommendations to ABC officers

In a post this past summer, we wrote about a University of Virginia student who, after being charged with public intoxication or swearing and obstruction of justice with force, had the charges dismissed. The 20-year-old was arrested by officers from the Virginia Alcoholic Beverage Control. The fact that the arrest was captured in photos and video likely contributed to the dismissal of the charges. 

Professional football player found not guilty of misdemeanor

Readers of this blog are likely aware that we have been following the arrest of NFL player Justin Scott Hunter, who was arrested earlier this summer at a Virginia Beach bar. Initially charged with felonious assault, in our last post on the matter we wrote about those charges being reduced to a misdemeanor count of assault and battery. Specifically he was accused of breaking the jaw of another individual involved in a melee at the bar. The reduction in charges followed an investigation that failed to uncover evidence to support the more serious charge.

Update on police body cameras in Virginia Beach

Last spring we wrote a post regarding the use of body cameras by Virginia Beach law enforcement officers. In that post we indicated that it was unlikely that they would get them this year, or next, since the proposed budget for 2015-2016, had already been completed and did not include any money for the cameras. In this post we provide an update on the matter.

Charges against professional football player reduced

In an earlier post we wrote about the arrest of Tennessee Titan, Justin Scott Hunter, at a bar in Virginia Beach, over the Fourth of July holiday. Following his arrest he was charged with felonious assault. Though after the arrest he was released on bond, he had to adhere to certain terms including following a curfew and abstaining from consuming drugs or alcohol.