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Are curfews effective in reducing juvenile crime?

It is widely accepted that juveniles do not always make good choices in life. Because of this, their parents, guardians and even society, take steps to try to help these young people avoid getting into trouble. Both adults and well as society set boundaries for teenagers in the state of Virginia. In communities around Virginia Beach teens may be impacted by curfew laws.

Recently, two of those communities made those curfews earlier. They moved the time that teens need to be home, up by one hour. As a result, on weeknights young people need to be home by 10 p.m. On weekends, they can stay out an hour later, until 11 p.m.

Many parents and much of society like the earlier time because it gets the teens home before the hours they believe that bad things happen. Law enforcement also likes the curfews since they are a tool that police can use to obtain a good quality of life and public order in neighborhoods. But just how effective are they really?

According to multiple studies, their effectiveness is much less than most believe. While the emphasis is getting teens home and off the streets, according to some studies, more than half of the crime engaged in by teens actually takes place at home. Further, experts indicate that juvenile crime is most likely to occur after school gets out, during the day. Not at night.

When a juvenile faces a criminal accusation it is important that the adults in his or her life take action to build a defense. If not, the young person could have a criminal record which could negatively impact him or her later in life. Contacting a criminal defense lawyer is the best place to start.

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