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Under investigation for a crime? Contact a lawyer for help.

Police officers might commence an investigation into a suspected criminal action under many circumstances. As the recent experience of a Virginia Beach family illustrates, this can occur even when the person being questioned is the one who sought assistance from authorities in the first place.

Last month police were called by a couple who upon returning home from dinner, suspected that they were the victim of a home invasion. Though the two people in the home who prompted the call were in fact let into the home by the couple’s babysitter, all people present were separated and questioned.

In addition, the house was searched for methamphetamines. That search was allegedly due to items responding officers believed were precursors for making meth. In the course of that search, packaging materials, a scale and paper work were seized.

The two individuals found in the home admitted to law enforcement officers that they had in fact smoked meth in the home earlier in the day with the man whose wife called the police in the first place. The homeowner denies that claim.

Though the Virginia Beach Police department has not charged anyone in connection with the incident, it did indicate that there is an investigation into the matter that is ongoing.

There is no question that being the subject of a police investigation is scary. The consequences for being found guilty of a crime can be serious. Because of this, even if you haven’t done anything wrong but are under investigation for committing a crime, it is important to seek the assistance of a criminal defense attorney. This course of action could prevent the situation from escalating to criminal charges.

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