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Some consequences for criminal accusations occur before trial

Being accused of a violent crime can have an impact on one’s life even before the trial. A professional football player recently arrested in Virginia Beach, in conjunction with an assault, is learning this first hand. He was charged with felonious assault after allegedly being involved in large fight that occurred at a bar around the Fourth of July holiday.

Tennessee Titan, Justin Scott Hunter, is accused of punching an individual twice in the bar. Later, it is alleged that he got out of a vehicle to sucker punch the victim who prosecutors claim was “coughing up blood on the sidewalk.” After an initial appearance in court, the man was released on secured bond with certain terms. Though he has returned to training camp for the upcoming season, he nonetheless must adhere to the judge’s terms.

In addition to not being allowed to contact any of the individuals involved in his case, he cannot go out between the hours of 11 p.m. and 5 a.m. He must avoid any serious traffic offenses or new criminal charges and cannot consume alcohol or drugs. Should he be released from the Titans, he must actively seek new employment.

The Titans have indicated they are seeking information regarding the matter.

In addition to following the judge’s terms, he should, and likely is, taking steps to defend himself against the charges. The best approach for such a matter will depend upon a variety of factors. A criminal defense lawyer can be of great help in such a situation.

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