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Arrested over holiday weekend? Contact a lawyer for assistance

With the July 4th weekend nearly upon us people will likely be in the mood to celebrate. In the process of celebrating our nation’s birthday many consume alcohol. While in many of those cases people are responsible and find other ways to get home, some ultimately get behind the wheel of a car and drive. Recognizing that the holiday could result in this outcome law enforcement officers take to the roads this time of year to pull over and arrest individuals they suspect are operating a car under the influence of alcohol.

This offense is one that affects many people who would never plan on committing a crime and anyone who has consumed too much alcohol before getting behind the wheel of a vehicle to driver could find that they are facing a DUI charge. One need not be unable to talk or stand to be charged with the crime. Even being just a little over the legal limit can result in serious consequences.

While of course the best way to avoid a drunk driving charge is to find an alternate mode of transportation, if you are arrested and accused of the crime it is important to take swift action to create a defense to the allegation. In most cases contacting a criminal defense lawyer who has experience handling these types of cases is the best place to start.

We understand the consequences of a DUI conviction can be serious and know how to defend people who have been charged with the crime. To learn more about the approach we take with drunk driving cases please see our website.

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