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How will man's video posted to Instagram impact criminal case?

When it comes to proving that someone accused of a crime either did, or did not do it, evidence plays an important role. As we have been writing a lot about recently, video evidence is becoming easier and easier for people to find since so many people have access to devices that can be used to make the recordings. For most individuals however, that evidence does not play the role in does in a current Virginia Beach case.

A man was arrested and charged in connection with robbing a bank after he placed video of the activity on Instagram. He also posted a picture of the note he gave to the teller. In an interview with a local television station following the arrest he claimed that robbed the bank so that he could draw more people to his Instagram account.

He claims more than that. He also asserts that he never threatened the teller and that she obliged his simple request. He also claims that she may have made a mistake when she gave him the money.

It is fair to say that this situation is not one that is commonly encountered. Just what role the video and photo will play in the course of determining how the case will be decided remains to be seen. It is yet another example however of how such recordings are making a difference in criminal matters.

People who are arrested for any criminal matter generally find that working with a criminal defense lawyer is the best approach to take. That person should be able to assist clients in navigating the system.

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