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May 2015 Archives

Could a different approach in drug crimes lead to fewer arrests?

Drug crimes affect communities throughout the nation. Accordingly, reducing the occurrence of those crimes is important to law enforcement agencies throughout the nation. This results in many arrests, charges and in some cases convictions. While this approach may get individuals off of the streets for a period of time, in the long term it does not seem to have a positive effect.

Report: Virginia leads US in school-based arrests.

Anyone who has spent time with adolescents will probably agree that they do not always make the best choices. This is due in large part to the fact that their developing brains are unable to exercise impulse control. In light of these facts, a new report on education in Virginia is even more alarming.

Over long holiday weekend drunk drivers should beware

As the holiday weekend approaches many are likely thinking about how they will spend the extra day off. Social gatherings are a popular way to spend long holiday weekends. If alcohol will be a part of the events attended people should also be thinking about how they will get from one place to another safely.

How will man's video posted to Instagram impact criminal case?

When it comes to proving that someone accused of a crime either did, or did not do it, evidence plays an important role. As we have been writing a lot about recently, video evidence is becoming easier and easier for people to find since so many people have access to devices that can be used to make the recordings. For most individuals however, that evidence does not play the role in does in a current Virginia Beach case.

Virginia Beach police officers could soon be wearing body cameras

In our last post we wrote about the use of a cellphone to record a traffic stop. In that post we indicated that as long as a recording device did not interfere with law enforcement officers as they completed an investigation, it is legal. Such recordings could be useful both in determining whether criminal charges will be filed as well as at trial to support either conviction or acquittal at trial.

Your rights in a criminal investigation beyond Miranda Rights

Even someone who has not previously been involved in the criminal justice system likely knows that they have certain rights when they are stopped and detained by law enforcement officers. The right to remain silent and to call an attorney are just two of those Miranda Rights which are required to be communicated to someone when they are going to be questioned by police.