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Traffic stop results in drug arrests

An alleged methamphetamine bust in Virginia came about due to a traffic stop. A police officer pulled over a 2002 Jeep Liberty after reportedly observing it with expired tags and a burned out brake light. The driver supposedly gave consent to have the vehicle searched resulting in officers discovering several small baggies consistent with methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia. Finally, authorities claim to have found components used in manufacturing of methamphetamine.

Authorities placed the driver and the passenger in the vehicle in jail without bond concerning a variety of charges. Also, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration task force was assisting with various matters as well.

We don’t know what all the circumstances are that led to the driver providing permission to the officers to search the vehicle. It’s possible the driver felt he had no choice. In any circumstances, a seemingly minor traffic stop led to the driver and the passenger facing a number of serious drug charges.

It’s always our advice for anyone to first speak to an experienced criminal defense attorney before giving consent to law enforcement officers to search their vehicle or home. These attorneys can advise on what is or is not permissible when a traffic stop takes place.

Attorneys also have the ability to take action in certain circumstances when law enforcement searches do take place. All of us have a certain number of rights when it comes to actions taken by law enforcement officers. Unreasonable searches or seizures by police officers for example are not allowable. In the event such a search takes place, constitutional protections prevent prosecutors from using this evidence in court in many instances.

Source: TriCities.com, “Traffic stop in Abingdon leads to meth bust,” Lurah Lowery, April 13, 2015

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