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Executive order could make it easier for convicts to get jobs

As anyone who has been convicted of a serious crime in the state of Virginia is likely well aware, depending on what the person is found guilty of, the consequences can have an impact on the person’s life for many years. In the case of violent crimes for example, after someone is released from prison he or she historically might experience difficulty in securing a job. This is because in many situations when filling out an application a person must disclose if they have a criminal history. This recently changed.

Governor McAuliffe just signed an executive order that reforms the state’s hiring practices. As a result, when the criminal history of an applicant is not relevant to the job being sought, applicants should no longer find a section that requests information about it. Called Executive Order 41, the idea behind “banning the box” is that it will make it easier for a qualified applicant with a criminal history to get a job.

This change could be good for everyone in the state of Virginia. In addition to making it easier for someone who has been convicted of a crime to get back to a “normal” life, it could be of a benefit to society as a whole since a job could be the thing that keeps a person from going back to commit additional crimes.

This change does not mean that someone who is accused of a crime should not do what he or she can to defend himself or herself. While the approach taken to do that will vary depending on the charge and the circumstances surrounding it, most people in that situation find it beneficial to work with a criminal defense lawyer. That individual should have a good understanding of the laws and be able to explain the available options.

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