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Police suspend rape investigation at University of Virginia

Many crimes fall under the umbrella of violent crimes. Rape is one of those crimes. Because of its serious nature, if someone who is accused of the crime is found guilty, their futures will be dramatically impacted.

Over the course of the past few months many residents of the state of Virginia may have heard about the alleged gang rape said to have taken place in September 2012, at a fraternity house located at the University of Virginia. The alleged crime made the news after Rolling Stone wrote an article about it which it later backpedaled on when the woman in the article opted to not cooperate in an investigation.

Following that article discrepancies arose and the police undertook a review of the case that lasted four months. In the course of that review, in addition to looking into records, a total of 70 interviews were conducted. The case was suspended after law enforcement was collected conflicting testimony and was unable to find the man who she allegedly was on a date with when the rape occurred.

When seeking proof in a rape case it is not uncommon for the alleged victim to provide a different story about what happened than the accused. As is the case in any accusation of criminal wrongdoing, it is possible that he person who is charged with the crime did not actually commit it. Accordingly it is important to do what one can to build a defense to the charges.

Law enforcement indicated that just because the investigation was suspended, does not mean that a rape did not occur. Despite this, some who attend the school with the alleged victim believe that she should be prosecuted. If that happens it would be a good idea for the woman to work with a criminal defense lawyer.

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