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Heading to the airport? Be sure you leave your weapons at home

While it is true that some people engage in activities that they know are illegal, in some situations people accused of crimes commit illegal acts without even realizing it. A situation in which this could occur is when someone accidentally brings weapons to a place, such as the airport, where they are not allowed. A Virginia woman is dealing with that situation, now.

The 52-year-old woman had a knife and a loaded handgun in her carry-on bag. The items-- which are illegal to possess at an airport--were found by the TSA. Following the discovery the TSA contacted the airport police who arrested her. Following her arrest she was also charged her with taking concealable weapons into restricted places. This is a state level crime.

In her defense the woman claims that she forgot the knife and gun were on her.

How this case will be resolved remains to be seen. In the meantime however the woman should contact a lawyer for assistance in crafting a viable defense. That individual can help to determine which approach is best considering all of the circumstances surrounding the alleged crime.

In some situations the best approach could be to fight the charges. Other times it could mean compromising and reaching a settlement agreement. The final determination will vary depending on the specifics surrounding the arrest for the alleged illegal activity.

The approach the woman in this case will take is not entirely clear. However, it is likely that she will consult with a lawyer.

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