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February 2015 Archives

Heading to the airport? Be sure you leave your weapons at home

While it is true that some people engage in activities that they know are illegal, in some situations people accused of crimes commit illegal acts without even realizing it. A situation in which this could occur is when someone accidentally brings weapons to a place, such as the airport, where they are not allowed. A Virginia woman is dealing with that situation, now.

Proposed drug laws could impact individuals in Texas

The start of a new year means different things for different people and entities. Where the state government is concerned, it means that new laws will be proposed. In our last post we wrote about proposed laws designed to impact some individuals convicted of certain violent crimes. In this post we will focus on four that could affect those charged with drug matters surrounding the use of heroin.

Proposed bills would impact those convicted of violent crimes

Currently in the state of Virginia, individuals accused of domestic violence face harsh consequences. In addition to be kicked out of their homes, if they have children, they may not be able to have contact with them. When criminal charges are pressed the outcome can be even worse, including the loss of one's freedom. If bills currently being considered by Virginia lawmakers become law, those consequences could become even more severe.