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Choosing the right defense lawyer for your drug case

While all criminal charges can drastically impact your future, drug charges in particular can have a broad range of consequences. In Virginia, the consequences for drug charges can range from simple misdemeanors to serious felonies. The most serious cases are handled in federal court and could result in a prison sentence, if convicted.

Your defense attorney can directly impact the outcome of your case, so there are many considerations to make when choosing an attorney. The result of your case relies heavily on the defense strategy that your attorney pursues and how he or she builds a strong defense against the charges you face.

In a recent blog post, we talked about building a solid defense strategy against drug possession charges. While there may be multiple defense options for a specific drug charge, there are benefits to pursuing specific strategies. A good defense attorney will recognize how critical the investigative process is, when to challenge evidence and the importance in acting quickly to protect a client's rights.

At Hallauer Law Firm, we are led by a former prosecutor and experience defense attorney for drug crimes. The approach that we take when working with clients is one that is aggressive, compassionate and nonjudgmental. We look at the facts of the case, prioritize what steps need to be taken to protect a client's rights and advise on all available legal options.

Whether you face charges involving drug possession, drug distribution or prescription drugs; remember that working with a defense attorney can only help your case.

For more information on the types of drug cases we handle, visit our drug possession and distribution page.

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