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November 2014 Archives

Take care to avoid drunk driving arrest over Thanksgiving holiday

Over the course of the upcoming holiday weekend there are probably many things on the minds of residents of the state of Virginia. In many cases people will be thinking about what needs to be done to prepare for the upcoming meal. Others, who are perhaps returning home for a short visit, may be more concerned with their social calendar. In either situation, it is possible that a person will end up engaging in activities they otherwise would not. One of those activities could be driving while intoxicated.

Should juvenile accused of crime be treated as an adult?

There is no question that every child is different and has his or her own personality and character traits. These sometimes change as a child grows and their brain develops. According to one psychology professor there are several reasons why juveniles who find they are facing criminal charges should be handled differently than they are now.

Gene mutations may contribute to commission of violent crimes

Each day individuals in the state of Virginia are arrested and accused of committing violent crimes. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, crimes that fall into the category include assault, robbery, rape, murder and sexual assault. A study recently conducted in Sweden indicates that a person's genes could play a role in the likelihood of committing one of these crimes.

Exploring the insanity defense in the state of Virginia

There are multiple approaches someone facing a criminal charge might end up pursuing in the course of creating a defense. Though not common, depending on the specific circumstances surrounding the charges it is possible that not guilty by reason of insanity will be plead. A recent case in the state of Virginia, in which this plea was successful, highlights the situations in which it might succeed.