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October 2014 Archives

49 heroin-related arrests in 7 months in Virginia Beach

There is no doubt that situations involving drugs, addiction and the risk of overdose are complicated and serious. In 2013 there were a total of 62 reported overdoses in Virginia Beach alone, and heroin was cited as the cause of 25 recorded deaths. These statistics prompted local law enforcement to target the sale and distribution of heroin in the area.

Things teens should know about criminal drug charges

As parents of teens are likely well aware, on occasion individuals who fall into this demographic can make unwise choices. Sometimes these decisions are the result of the teenagers not fully comprehending the ramifications of their actions. While most teens in the state of Virginia are likely aware the use of drugs is illegal, they may not be aware of the serious consequences that accompany crimes if this nature. Depending on the drug charge someone faces, the associated penalty for a conviction will vary. Penalties include fines and in more serious situations, jail time. 

Study illustrates need for lawyers during juvenile interrogations

There are many reasons why teenagers are not legally deemed ready to take care of themselves until the age of 18. These reasons are apparent in the decisions that individuals who fit into that demographic make, every day. In addition, studies indicated that when it comes to making critical decisions that could have a long-term impact, teens are not developmentally ready. A recent study highlights this in the context of police interrogations.

DUI defense will vary depending on severity of charges

People are arrested for drunk driving throughout the state of Virginia each and every day. Depending on the charges filed in connection with the arrest a variety of outcomes is possible. For example, in many cases someone facing an initial arrest for drunk driving will find that he or she faces much less serious consequences than someone who has been through the process more than once. Because each situation could lead to such different outcomes, it is important that the defense created is appropriate for the situation.

A primer on drug courts in the state of Virginia

A drug arrest should always be taken seriously because depending on the charges the consequences for a conviction can be serious. While some people who face this situation may end up in jail or prison for a time, this is not necessarily the way a matter will be resolved. A proper defense could result in a not guilty verdict, a reduction in charges or in some cases even a dismissal. Depending on the circumstances surrounding a drug arrest, drug court may be an option as well.