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More charges for troubled Virginia Beach Navy officer

Everyone makes mistakes, and sometimes those mistakes can have serious consequences. But there are good ways to address the aftermath of a mistake, and then there are reactions that can cause more trouble.

Back in May, a 30-year-old Navy petty officer was arrested for allegedly hitting a pedestrian in Virginia Beach. The officer was accused of being drunk at the time, and the pedestrian died. Subsequently, DUI and involuntary manslaughter charges were filed. If convicted on these charges, the officer could face as many as 11 years behind bars.

At the time of the accident, the officer was already having some problems. According to courtroom testimony from his sister, he had been receiving treatment for cancer and had recently undergone an operation to receive a double-lung transplant.

Now, the young man is facing even more problems. On August 5, he was arrested for allegedly trying to purchase oxycodone, which is another felony. Court records note that he was supposedly trying to acquire the drugs in order to commit suicide. He is now being held without bond.

The entirety of this story shows that one tragedy begets another. It is terrible that a pedestrian was killed, but when facing the not only a serious medical condition but the possibility of more than a decade in prison, it is perhaps not surprising that the petty officer in this case felt trapped. While it can certainly seem like you have no options when facing a serious criminal charge, there could be legal avenues to help address your problems and keep a bad situation from getting worse.

Source: The Virginia-Pilot, "Suspect in DUI fatality accused of trying to buy drugs," Jillian Beck, Aug. 8, 2014

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