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Virginia Beach vandalism spree example of serious juvenile crime

We all make mistakes. This is particularly true in our younger years. But most of us are fortunate enough to not get caught or not get harshly punished for a youthful mistake.

These days, even a seemingly minor crime can have serious repercussions on an individual’s future. A criminal conviction can affect a person’s ability to get into college or get a job.

An incident in Virginia Beach over the weekend provided a good example of the kind of reckless behavior that often gets young people into trouble. On Monday morning, dozens of Virginia Beach residents discovered that their tires had been slashed. The vandalism seemed specifically aimed at vehicles parked in the Lake Placid Community on Olympic Road. So far, police have no suspects.

For a teenager, slashing the tires of a few cars might seem like a prank or a little fun at the expense of the vehicle owners. But collectively, there was hundreds of dollars in damage. If a suspect is charged for slashing the tires, it could potentially result in a conviction and a future that is impaired for years to come.

Crimes like vandalism and underage drinking might not seem like such a big deal. But convictions for these types of charges can have lasting consequences. For example, when applying for a professional license, applicants will likely have to disclose convictions even for offenses committed many years earlier.

If your child is in trouble with the law, do not let a juvenile crime impact his or her future. Do everything you can to defeat criminal charges.

Source: 13News Now, "Dozens of tires slashed in Virginia Beach neighborhood," Kaila DeRienzo, June 30, 2014

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