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Hunt is on for Hampton man in connection with weapons charges

Authorities have backed off the intense manhunt launched Wednesday night, but they say they have not given up on the effort to find a 24-year-old Hampton man after a confrontation involving firearms. They say they're just resorting to other strategies to find him.

Officials say the person is being sought on suspicion of weapons charges. They say the man is wanted for possession of a gun by a convicted felon and brandishing a firearm. He is also said to be wanted for alleged attempted maiming, though there is no information in the media reports indicating why. Police say the man also faces outstanding warrants related to other charges.

This is a serious matter and it's clear that authorities don't intend to give up in their efforts to take the sought individual into custody. The thing for anyone in a situation such as this to keep in mind is that they have rights, including access to an attorney. It's a right that should always be exercised.

All the activity in this case reportedly was sparked last night when authorities say they attempted to make a traffic stop. Virginia State Police say they pulled a car over about 10 p.m. along Big Bethel Road near Hampton Roads Center Parkway. Upon coming to a stop, officials say the driver fled on foot.

In the course of a ground search that followed, Hampton police say an officer confronted a man who matched the description of the suspect and he brandished a weapon. One officer fired his weapon at the man and he took off. Authorities then mounted an all-night hunt in the area involving checkpoints and bloodhounds.

That effort was called off this morning after, but officials say they stepped up the police presence in the Hampton Woods area -- placing special emphasis on schools in the vicinity.

Source: PilotOnline.com, "Hampton traffic stop leads to manhunt, shots fired," May 8, 2014

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