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May 2014 Archives

Consequences for sex crime conviction linger for years

It is important that individuals charged with, or even just under investigation for a crime, take action to protect their rights early on. The sooner one does this, the better the chance is that any criminal charges that are pressed will be resolved in their favor. While this applies to all criminal charges it is particularly important with sex crimes where the consequences for a conviction often extend far beyond the time one is released from prison. Sometimes even the rest of one’s life.

DUI fatal suspect freed on bond to pursue cancer treatment

The need for advocacy in a criminal case is not restricted to just defending against the charge at trial. Anyone standing accused of a crime must have their day in court, but there can be matters that arise before any trial takes place. At any given moment, there could be a need to make an appeal to the court and an experienced attorney can help ensure that a defendant's rights are protected and upheld.

2 Virginia schools among 55 facing federal sex assault probe

The federal government recently confirmed it is investigating 55 institutions of higher learning. The question being explored in each case is whether the schools violated the Title IX gender equity law by improperly handling complaints of campus sexual assault and harassment. Two Virginia schools are included on the list. One is the University of Virginia. The other is the College of William and Mary.

Hunt is on for Hampton man in connection with weapons charges

Authorities have backed off the intense manhunt launched Wednesday night, but they say they have not given up on the effort to find a 24-year-old Hampton man after a confrontation involving firearms. They say they're just resorting to other strategies to find him.

Virginia Beach man to face federal trial on drug charges

Police in the Virginia Beach area have been focusing a lot of effort on stamping out heroin trafficking and other drug distribution in the region in the past year. Officials say their action has been prompted by a tragic rise in the number of drug overdose deaths. According to official figures, 62 deaths were recorded in 2013 and of those 25 were attributed to heroin.