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DUI charges likely the least of Newport News man's worries

Being charged with driving under the influence is not something to take lightly. Very often the DUI charge is only a precursor to the eventual filing of more serious charges. The consequences in the event of conviction typically affect not only the defendant, but whole families. It's always good advice to approach such issues with the help of experienced legal counsel.

The case of one Newport News man perhaps offers an example of what could be a worst case scenario. Authorities arrested him recently in connection with a car accident that resulted in the death of his 12-year-old daughter and left him and five other people injured.

The Virginia State Police say the one-vehicle accident happened Oct. 26 at about 11:30 in the morning. They say the 45-year-old suspect and a carload of individuals that included five children were driving on Route 258 in Franklin. The man allegedly attempted an unsafe lane change at one point and officials say the car went out of control and rolled several times.

Officials say the 12-year-old girl died at the scene. The other victims, which included four children, required hospitalization after the wreck. It's unclear how serious their injuries were based on the information provided by police and the media.

What is known is that the man has been charged with an array of serious charges as a result of the crash. They include an allegation of involuntary manslaughter related to suspected driving under the influence in the death of his daughter. In addition, he faces three counts of assault, maiming while DUI and three counts of abuse or neglect resulting in serious injury to a child.

Clearly, solid legal representation is likely to be crucial to achieving the best possible outcome in this case.

Source: DailyPress.com, "Franklin: State police charge man in fatal wreck that killed 12-year-old," Tyra M. Vaughn, Nov. 12, 2013

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