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November 2013 Archives

DUI charges likely the least of Newport News man's worries

Being charged with driving under the influence is not something to take lightly. Very often the DUI charge is only a precursor to the eventual filing of more serious charges. The consequences in the event of conviction typically affect not only the defendant, but whole families. It's always good advice to approach such issues with the help of experienced legal counsel.

Gun rights activist Kokesh pleads guilty to weapons charge

Readers of this blog may remember that back in July we turned the spotlight on the case of Northern Virginia resident David Kokesh. He had been arrested on drug and weapon-related charges in connection with an incident in which he allegedly loaded a shotgun while standing just blocks from the White House.

Friend-helping teen's good intention leads to her being punished

Society doesn't abide drinking and driving. As the problem persists, legislatures in Virginia and everywhere else work to tweak drunk driving laws with the aim of curbing driving under the influence.