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Hampton man booked in Suffolk on drug, weapons charges

Authorities are likely still compiling evidence against the suspect after making an arrest earlier this month. The subject of the arrest was a 27-year-old Hampton man who had been wanted on a weapons crime charge. At last word, the man was reportedly being held without bond.

The result of his most recent arrest is that he has been booked on a broad array of additional weapons and drug charges. Now is the time that he should be working closely with an experienced criminal defense lawyer.

Very often these kinds of overlapping charges result in not only state charges being filed, but also federal. It's not clear that that has happened in this instance. In either case, the consequences of a conviction can be very serious. 

Convictions of federal charges carry mandatory sentences. Even a first-time drug trafficking offense can result in a five-year term without parole. If weapons charges are tacked on, besides, the possible penalties can escalate.

According to authorities, on the day of the arrest action, officers in Suffolk were alerted to the presence of the suspect in that community by Hampton detectives. How the detectives knew he was there, or that he was driving a particular car isn't clear, but they provided a description of the vehicle to Suffolk police.

Police say they confirmed of the outstanding warrant against the man and proceeded to try to stop the suspect, but he ignored their efforts. Eventually, they claim he pulled into a driveway and he and a passenger attempted to flee.

Both men were captured, but only the driver was charged. He was booked on suspicion of trying to elude police, possession of a weapon by a felon, possession of ammunition by a felon, possession of a weapon while in possession of narcotics and possession with intent to distribute.

Source: HamptonrRoads.com, "Hampton man stopped in Suffolk faces gun charges," Mike Connors, Sept. 5, 2013

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