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September 2013 Archives

Research shows teens often confess crimes they didn't commit

Police and prosecutors like it when a suspect confesses to a crime. To their way of thinking, such admissions affirm that their investigative methods work and that they're putting the real perpetrators of crimes away. Unfortunately, a growing body of evidence suggests that, too often, that isn't the case; especially if the involves charges against juveniles.

1998 drug crime charge to be pursued in Norfolk federal court

Many crimes have a statute of limitations attached. What that means is that prosecutors have an obligation to begin legal proceedings against a suspect within a certain time period. Such rules are in place to protect potential defendants' rights and prevent government from attempting to launch action based on stale evidence or faulty memories.

Hampton man booked in Suffolk on drug, weapons charges

Authorities are likely still compiling evidence against the suspect after making an arrest earlier this month. The subject of the arrest was a 27-year-old Hampton man who had been wanted on a weapons crime charge. At last word, the man was reportedly being held without bond.

Teen fights at Hampton roller rink challenge police

It is a stated objective on the home Web page of the Hampton Police that the division looks to make the community the most livable city in Virginia. It says it strives to do that by partnering with the community to prevent crime and make neighborhoods safer. But the force reportedly is facing a particular challenge in applying that strategy in one area of town.

DUI acquittal prompts dismissal of linked refusal conviction

It's a general rule of law that evidence gathered by authorities in a way that violates a person's constitutional rights can't be used at trial in a Virginia court. Typically such violations are seen as infringing on an individual's right to be free from unwarranted search and seizure, covered under the Fourth Amendment, or of infringing on their right against self incrimination, which is covered under the Fifth Amendment.