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Virginia man charged with felony homicide after fatal overdose

Being accused of selling illegal drugs can not only result in drug possession and distribution charges but also homicide charges in some cases. A Virginia man is facing felony homicide charges after police said that he sold illegal substances to a man who had a fatal overdose.

The man was charged with felony homicide and distribution of illegal substances after he allegedly sold heroin to a man who later died. The medical examiner reported that the man died of an overdose of heroin. The man is facing a felony homicide charge because the accidental death happened during a felony drug act.

Police said they initially responded to a code blue in Virginia, where a man died of an overdose. Police said they found signs of heroin use in the room where the man died, and their investigation led them to arrest the Virginia man who dealt the victim the heroin. Police said they have evidence that shows the man sold the illegal drugs to the victim, which led to the drug charge and felony homicide charge.

If the man is convicted of felony homicide in addition to the drug charge, he could face serious punishment, including a lengthy prison sentence.

This case is an example of the additional charges individuals can face if they are arrested or charged with selling illegal drugs in Virginia. If the person is found guilty of distributing the illegal drugs that caused a fatal overdose, he or she could also face felony homicide charges. Individuals who are facing drug charges or felony homicide charges should contact a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible to protect their rights.

Source: The Virginia Gazette, "James City man charged with homicide after selling drugs to man who died," Peter Dujardin, Aug. 22, 2013