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Virginia Beach stabbing victim facing violent crimes charges

Anytime a person is taken into custody and charged with a criminal offense there is likely to be a sense of life out of control. The legal system is a complex one and recovering some sense of control tends to come with a clear understanding of all the issues being faced and options available. Whether the circumstances involve minor charges or allegations of violent crime, it is best to consult with an experienced attorney for the protection of your rights.

One particular case that has recently been in the news prompts the reflection on this subject. It involves a man who was stabbed and who, at last word, was being held in Virginia Beach Correctional Center without bond on charges of domestic assault and strangulation. How he came to be stabbed is a matter of question. Police are said to still be investigating the issue. 

According to authorities, police were called to a stabbing on the morning of June 30 near North Birdneck Road and Americus Avenue. First responders on the scene found a male victim there and brought him to the hospital.

The 31-year-old man was later identified as a resident of the area. And upon further investigation, officials said they determined that he apparently had been involved in an argument with an unidentified woman and that that was what led up to his being stabbed. Detectives reported that the stabbing victim was trying to keep the woman from leaving and allegedly assaulted her by putting her in a strangle hold.

What happened next is what is unclear. All authorities have said publicly is that the woman got away and that she suffered minor injuries. The nature of those injuries wasn't immediately available.

Source: WTKR.com, "Virginia Beach man charged with strangulation," July 1, 2013