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Local MADD members not sold on lowering BAC to 0.05 percent

Current Virginia law aimed at controlling drinking and driving is already pretty strict. Even a first offense conviction for driving under the influence can result in penalties that can have a negative impact across the defendant's whole life; at work, at school and financially.

That's why, even though such charges are common, it's always advisable to have the help of an experienced attorney in working for the best possible outcome.

Not too long ago, the National Transportation Safety Board came out with a recommendation that all states should lower the legal DUI limit for blood alcohol content from the current 0.08 percent to 0.05 percent. One might think that such a suggestion would be met with widespread support, especially from anti-drunk driving advocates. But it turns out that isn't necessarily the case.

Certainly, police support the idea, as was reported recently by one local media outlet. In a gauge of reaction, one officer pointed out that many drivers who have even one drink don't appreciate how affected they are by alcohol. And he says that if lowering the BAC level to 0.05 percent reduces the average number of deaths related to DUI on Virginia roads by even one, it's worth trying.

Business operators on the other hand are generally opposed. They say lowering the legal limit will be almost impossible to enforce and simply dry up business.

But perhaps most surprising is the reaction from one local advocate fgor Mothers Against Drunk Driving. She agrees that lowering the BAC is the wrong way to go. The woman, who lost her only daughter to a repeat DUI offender, isn't necessarily opposed to the idea. She just doesn't think it will work.

In her opinion, the courts are already too lenient; often reducing charges for drivers with BAC levels lower than 0.10 percent. She says that rather than lowering the limit, courts and authorities should enforce the laws that are already on the books.

Ultimately, this exchange represents only the start of the debate. Whether the Virginia legislature will take action is a whole other matter.

Source: WAVY.com, "VB reacts to NTSB recommendation to lower BAC limit," Anne McNamara, July 22, 2013