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Virginia Beach teen facing DUI, hit-and-run charges

The Virginia Beach area has a large number of young, underage people. The ranks of all the military units in the region are filled with youths, many of whom are between 18 and 21. The lure of the beach brings people of all ages for rest and recreation.

Alcohol consumption is a common part of the vacation and R&R experience and police are always on the watch for it. Police blotters are full of reports involving someone being arrested for being a minor in possession of alcohol. Such charges need to be addressed assertively from a defense perspective because the implications on a young person's future of a criminal conviction can be devastating.

Perhaps this is a concern for one local 19-year-old male. He is facing a long list of charges after being arrested late last month in connection with collisions that left two vehicles damaged and an attempt to elude authorities.

Authorities have booked him on charges of suspicion of driving under the influence, underage alcohol possession, marijuana possession, three hit and run counts, two counts of property destruction, and several allegations related to resisting arrest.

According to police reports about the case, the youth had been driving in the Ocean Lakes area of the city when he struck the two vehicles. Officials allege he didn't stop and when patrol officers attempted to pull him over. Eventually, he hit a tree, hit curbs several times and then fled on foot into his family home. That's where authorities took him into custody.

He's now being held without bond at the Virginia Beach Correctional Center.

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