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Virginia man's weapons charge plea may reflect best outcome

When a criminal case is handled in the federal system, there are often multiple charges involved. Each one carries significant penalties, including mandatory prison terms, and the unique details of each case demand that rigorous analysis be done to develop the best possible defense strategy. Anyone in the Virginia Beach or greater Tidewater region faced with apparent investigation and possibly being charged should consult an attorney early.

This observation is sparked by a recent news story about a Hampton man who pleaded guilty to federal charges. He is scheduled to learn the specifics of his sentence in May, but according to a news release from the federal prosecutor's office, he is likely to receive years in prison.

The man reportedly pleaded guilty late last month to three charges of robbery. In addition, he pleaded guilty to two charges of wielding a gun. Prosecutors say each robbery count could bring a maximum 20-year term. If the man received concurrent terms on the weapons crimes conviction, he could receive 32 years.

The details of the case, as laid out by the prosecution, suggest that the defendant determined that agreeing to plead guilty would mitigate the consequences. Hopefully this was done after due consultation with an experienced legal advocate.

According to documents from the court, the man admitted holding up two stores last July. A witness reportedly saw him leaving one of the locations wearing a sweatshirt, ski mask and gloves, followed him and called police. Authorities apparently picked up the pursuit and took the man into custody after he crashed into some trees.

Source: Daily Press, "Hampton man pleads guilty to federal robbery and gun charges," Tyra M. Vaughn, Jan. 29, 2013

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