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February 2013 Archives

Diligence in document review apparent door to DUI dismissal

If we have not said it before, let us say it now. While Virginia prosecutors commonly file charges for driving under the influence, that does not mean they automatically result in convictions. Whether the DUI allegation represents a possible repeat offense or is the first one faced by an individual, the burden is on the authorities to follow sometimes complex procedures in the prosecution of a case.

Study: Illegal steroid use an issue for girls as well as boys

Worry about illegal drug use by children is a constant issue for caring parents in Virginia. The general availability of illegal substances and the widespread use of some banned materials among celebrity athletes and entertainers keeps the subject top of mind for most adults.

Virginia man's weapons charge plea may reflect best outcome

When a criminal case is handled in the federal system, there are often multiple charges involved. Each one carries significant penalties, including mandatory prison terms, and the unique details of each case demand that rigorous analysis be done to develop the best possible defense strategy. Anyone in the Virginia Beach or greater Tidewater region faced with apparent investigation and possibly being charged should consult an attorney early.

Facing drug charges in state and federal jurisdictions

When authorities go after individuals on suspicion of drug possession or distribution, it can become a double-barreled legal issue. That's because of the federal-state jurisdiction split that exists. Virginia individuals facing any sort of drug charges should be fully aware of the implications of this reality in order to develop the most effective defense possible.