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January 2013 Archives

Virginia court rejects DUI blood alcohol evidence

The Virginia Court of Appeals recently ruled that the blood alcohol certificate of a driver charged in the alcohol-related deaths of two university students could not be used as evidence against him at trial.

Virginia violent crimes charges require swift legal attention

Few people know when they are going to need an attorney. When charges related to violent crimes are leveled in Virginia, there can also be a great deal of confusion and anxiety for the person targeted. The right response in situations like this is to make sure that the legal counsel you turn to is one you have confidence in.

Judge poised to rule on juvenile charged with shooting dad

The court system in Virginia, like the rest of the country, is divided into sections. There are the courts that deal with criminal cases. There are those that handle civil matters. Juvenile crimes tend to be handled in yet another arena. Sometimes, however, serious criminal charges get leveled against minors and then the court divisions can seem to be blurred.

New Year's Virginia Beach DUI checks lead to 10 facing charges

Allegations of driving under the influence have become perhaps too common. They are perhaps so common that when we hear that someone is facing DUI charges we automatically presume their guilt and jump to a conclusion that they should get the stiffest penalty possible under the law.