Virginia Beach Underage Drinking Defense Lawyer

Protecting Futures in Virginia Minor in Possession (MIP) Cases

However unfair or unnecessary you may feel the charge is, it is critical to take a minor in possession of alcohol offense seriously. As a student, young worker, member of the military — or a parent concerned about your son's or daughter's future — please be conscious of the real impact on criminal records and future prospects.

We know that young people party, and that many visit our oceanfront communities to do just that. Underage drinking is common among college students and military personnel feel entitled to cut loose on leave. Our defense lawyers strive to minimize the impact of isolated mistakes on young lives. To discuss legal options, contact our firm for a free attorney consultation.

Charged With Underage Possession of Alcohol in Virginia?

Throughout Virginia, anyone under age 21 accused of purchasing or possessing an alcoholic beverage faces driver's license suspension, a fine, probation and up to 50 hours of community service. Minor in possession (MIP) charges can also be filed simply because alcohol was detected in the young person's system.

As inconvenient as those penalties may be, real consequences may not be apparent until college applications, job interviews or other life events come up. Key points to consider include:

  • Paying the fine and accepting your sentence is pleading guilty, and you will have a criminal record accessible to virtually anyone for many years to come.
  • We may be able to advocate for first-offender status and dismissal of the charge once you complete community service and other requirements.
  • If your rights were violated, we can leverage that with prosecutors or fight the charge in court.

Capable Representation for Resident or Out-of-State Young People

We often represent students from area colleges and universities on a range of alcohol-related and drug charges, including MIP and DUI/DWI. We welcome students from the UVA and Virginia Tech campuses, Virginia Wesleyan, Tidewater Community College, Hampton, Old Dominion, Norfolk State and other institutions. In addition, Army, Navy and other military personnel are especially comfortable with us because we speak their language and recognize specific needs and concerns.

At our firm, you can work closely with a Virginia Beach underage drinking defense attorney prepared to handle your case even if you were ticketed in Virginia but live elsewhere. If you are looking for solid representation for yourself or your child, we encourage you to contact us and talk about it.