Virginia Beach Reckless Driving Defense Lawyer

A Proven Defense Attorney for Serious Traffic Charges

Reckless driving in Virginia is treated not as a traffic ticket, but as a Class 1 misdemeanor — a criminal offense that will appear on your record for years to come. Far too many people underestimate the potential impact of a conviction, and we do not want you to pay the price for that mistake.

If you are looking for a Virginia Beach "reckless driving attorney," your best chance to get positive results is to choose one who takes these cases and your specific concerns seriously. Please contact us for personal attention, clear information and aggressive defense with your priorities in view.

As a former commonwealth's prosecutor and extremely active defense lawyer, our founding attorney Scott Hallauer knows the many circumstances that may have led to your reckless driving charge. You may have been pulled over for something you see others do every day, such as:

  • Speeding — over 80 MPH on I-264, I-64, 464 or 664 or another highway, for example, or 20 miles per hour over the posted limit on any roadway
  • Swerving in and out of traffic or another action police view as overly aggressive driving
  • Squealing tires, passing a slow-moving driver on a two-lane road or failing to signal

Do You Need to Aggressively Defend Your Driving Privilege?

No one wants a criminal record, but you may be especially concerned if you depend on a commercial driver's license (CDL) or have any prior traffic or criminal charges on your record. Not only is jail time a possibility with a reckless driving conviction, it is important to recognize that you may not be able to drive at all for six months or longer, depending on circumstances.

Helping You Make Sound Decisions Before Your Court Date

Our lawyers will look hard at your specific case and ways to avoid conviction. Police make mistakes and we know how to expose them, and special circumstances may pertain in your case. You may benefit from:

  • Having your car speedometer calibrated to determine if it was giving an incorrect reading
  • Proactively taking a driving course, online or otherwise, and showing a "passed" certificate in court

If you have been charged with reckless driving in or near Virginia Beach, Norfolk or the surrounding area, it is time to start protecting yourself against the worst consequences. Request a free consultation with an experienced defense lawyer today.