Virginia Beach Drug Possession Defense Lawyer

Resourceful, Determined Defense for Virginians Charged With Drug Crimes

Any drug arrest must be taken very seriously. Even a first-offense misdemeanor charge for possession of a small amount of marijuana could land you in jail, cost you your job or severely limit your future prospects in this age of easy Internet criminal background checks.

Whether you are a loving parent trying to protect your son's or daughter's future, a student who needs legal advocacy or an adult accused of a drug offense, we urge you to contact our law firm now. We want to hear your perspective on what happened and find the best path to resolution for you through negotiation or at trial.

Handling Charges From Possession of Marijuana to Felony Drug Sales

Our firm, led by former prosecutor and veteran Virginia Beach drug possession defense attorney Scott Hallauer will welcome the opportunity to help you through a legal challenge involving:

  • Any drug charge ranging from marijuana possession to drug sales and distribution or felony-level drug conspiracy
  • Possession, use or sale of other illegal substances such as cocaine, Ecstasy, heroin, methamphetamine
  • A prescription drug offense including prescription fraud or possession/distribution of medications such as OxyContin, Ritalin, Adderall, Xanax, Ambien or other painkillers, stimulants and sedatives

A Comprehensive Approach to Defending Your Rights and Interests

Our lawyers will investigate the charge and all circumstances of your arrest, work to understand your personal needs and priorities, and be prepared to proceed by:

  • Uncovering any procedural problems or constitutional violations that could enable an acquittal or dismissal of your case, including any illegal search and seizure, illegal traffic stop or false arrest
  • Advocating assertively for first-offender status if you can qualify, which can lead to a dismissal and clean criminal record if you complete treatment, community service and other requirements as ordered
  • Pursuing a not-guilty verdict at trial or reasonable consequences through negotiation with prosecutors, bringing all evidence and testimony in your favor forward on your behalf

We work frequently with parents of students at Old Dominion, Virginia Wesleyan, Tidewater Community College, Hampton, Norfolk State, Regent and Atlantic Universities, and other schools, as well as military personnel and others across the spectrum of life in Virginia. Our lawyers can help you if you are facing drug charges in Virginia, beginning with a free consultation.