Driving On Suspended License in Virginia

Resourceful Defense of Your Freedom, Record and Future

If you have been charged with driving on a suspended license — often called "driving on suspended," DOS or DOSL in Virginia — you have a lot on the line. Jail time is a real possibility even for a first offense, and there are additional consequences that could make life extremely difficult for you.

Please do not make the mistake of treating this criminal charge as a traffic ticket or trying to handle the situation on your own. The specific circumstances of your case may matter significantly, and you need a lawyer willing to put time and energy into investigating them and taking action for you.

Examining All Circumstances and Developing a Clear Strategy

Virginia Beach attorney Scott Hallauer, our firm founder, is a former prosecutor with many years of experience and real insight into the key factors in these serious cases. We will thoroughly address:

  • The exact criminal and administrative penalties you could face as either a first-time or multiple-time offender charged with driving on suspension
  • The reason for your license suspension — a DUI conviction or breath test refusal, for example, or failure to pay a ticket or court costs — and the likely impact on your sentence if convicted
  • Whether or not you were properly notified that your driver's license was suspended — and whether the DMV has the required documentation to prove it
  • Various reasons behind your violation of the law, such as the need to work and support your family

If you are facing the extremely serious consequences that come with second-offense or third-offense driving on suspended license in Virginia, we may also elect to attack prior convictions in the effort to earn a reduction in your sentence. Issues such as the date of the offense vs. the date of conviction and whether or not you were represented by a lawyer may be relevant.

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If you want a "suspended driver's license attorney" who will prioritize your important goals and work to achieve the best possible outcome, please contact our firm now. We proudly serve people from across the spectrum of life in the Hampton Roads metro area and greater Tidewater region, including military personnel and college students, as well as people who live elsewhere but need local legal counsel to deal with a driving crime or other matter.