Domestic Violence and Protective Orders in Virginia Beach

Divorce, custody disputes and other family matters are emotional and difficult on their own. With domestic violence as a factor, the situation becomes more complicated. Whether you are a victim or are accused of domestic violence, you need an attorney who understands your situation, knows the law and can protect you at every stage in the process.

At the Hallauer Law Firm, our attorneys will work to understand your situation by listening to your concerns and goals. We will work to get you the protection you need. We are here to help you and provide you with the information, support and resources you need. Contact our attorneys to discuss domestic violence issues, protective orders in Virginia Beach, Norfolk and surrounding areas.

Protective Orders and Advocacy for Victims

You know what is best for you and your family, and we can help you get the protection you need. If you or your child is being abused, we can:

  • Obtain a protective order, sometimes referred to as a restraining order, in order to keep your abuser away from you, your home and/or your work
  • Represent you and protect your rights at the hearing regarding the protective order
  • Assist you with any related family law matters, including divorce, child custody and visitation matters

Defense for Clients Accused of Domestic Abuse

Courts in Virginia take domestic violence very seriously, and law enforcement frequently favors the victim to the detriment of the accused. If a protective order is filed against you, you may not be able to return home or see your children. The accusation of abuse can impact your divorce or custody dispute. Additionally, you could face criminal charges for domestic assault or for violating a protective order.

We understand how much is at stake. Experienced in criminal defense and family law matters, we will vigorously defend you against accusations of domestic violence and any criminal charges.

Speak With a Lawyer About Your Case

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