Virginia Beach DUI Defense Lawyer

Making a Difference for Drivers Facing Serious Consequences

Driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI) is a very common but extremely serious charge faced by tens of thousands of Virginians each year. Enforcement, laws and penalties are stricter than ever, and facing even the most basic first-offense DUI charge without an experienced lawyer on your side is a major risk we cannot advise anyone to take.

Attorney Scott Hallauer has handled hundreds of DUI cases as a prosecutor and more recently on the defense side. Our law firm is a proven resource whether you have never been arrested before or you are facing felony charges for multiple offenses, high blood-alcohol content (BAC), causing an accident or other circumstances. To work with a Virginia Beach DUI defense attorney who will put in the time and effort your case deserves, call for a free consultation.

Always Prepared for Trial or Negotiation on Your Behalf

Some DUI/DWI defense lawyers treat nearly every case in a similar fashion and primarily look to enter a guilty plea. While we make no false or unrealistic promises, our attorneys are willing to go to trial and committed to finding viable strategies for winning an acquittal or dismissal, such as:

  • Attacking problems with the legality of the traffic stop and arrest, including insufficient cause
  • Exposing improper administration of field sobriety tests or Breathalyzer testing for BAC, mechanical problems that make the results unreliable, or physical conditions of yours that were not taken into account
  • Cross-examining the arresting officer and any other witnesses effectively to reveal other legal or technical issues relevant to your DUI stop and arrest

Work With A Proven Defender and Norfolk Military DUI Attorney

Technical knowledge and trial skills, together with invaluable experience as a former prosecutor, have made the Hallauer Law Firm a trusted defense choice for professionals, business leaders and others across the spectrum of life in Virginia. Our lawyers respect and act upon clients' specific priorities, including protection of driving privileges, jobs and security clearances. If you are concerned about military court as well as criminal court, rest assured our firm is prepared to address both these critical aspects of your situation.

Consequences of drunk driving convictions are almost impossible to overstate, extending across your family life, professional or educational life and finances. To speak with a lawyer who will go the distance to make a difference in the outcome for you, contact us today.