Virginia Beach Child Custody Lawyer

Norfolk Child Visitation Agreement Attorney

Reaching agreement on child custody and visitation, or "parenting time," is often the most challenging, emotional aspect of the Virginia divorce cases we handle. Our firm, led by experienced Virginia Beach child custody attorney and certified guardian ad litem Scott Hallauer, prioritizes the best interests of the child above all. It is important to recognize that our Virginia family courts take this same view.

Whatever the specific hurdles you face — or if you simply want to protect your fathers' rights or mothers' rights and avoid unnecessary complications — our family law firm is here to help.

Seeing All the Angles on Virginia Divorce With Kids

Our attorneys and entire legal team will vigorously support you in your quest to ensure a stable, safe and healthy living situation for the most important people in your life: your child or children. We will:

  • Explain legal guidelines on both physical custody — determining where children will live — and legal custody, which most often establishes that both parents will have a voice in decisions impacting a child's health, education and welfare
  • Take the time to understand your family relationships, history and dynamics — so that we can work effectively to obtain the results you want
  • Work resourcefully and creatively to set up visitation schedules that are practical for you and the courts — accounting for work, travel demands, distance and other realities of modern life

Resourceful in Reaching Solutions That Accomplish Your Goals

Just as every parent, child and family is unique, your parenting agreement can be unique to your situation. Labels and terms such as "joint physical custody" are necessary, but they do not ultimately determine the way life after divorce can be for you and your kids. As a former Navy JAG officer who has conducted a workshop on military divorce, attorney Hallauer is uniquely qualified to help you sort out custody issues unique to service people and their families.

We strive to keep children out of the crossfire while building and negotiating the best possible solution. If your divorcing spouse or an opposing lawyer refuses to be reasonable, you will have an established, aggressive trial lawyer on your side to fight for what is fair and right.

To arrange a free attorney consultation at a time that works for you, please contact our law firm today.