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May 2016 Archives

Virginia reconsiders blood results from sexual assault trials

When facing criminal charges, most who are charged hope that they will be treated with fairness and respect afforded to them under the law. There are times, however, when forensic science used to convict a defendant turns out to be simply wrong. Modern advances in DNA and blood analysis have continued to unearth miscarriages of justice in sexual assault and other trials over the past several decades.

Convicted felons in Virginia may be charged with weapons crimes

In April, the Commonwealth of Virginia passed legislation that allows convicted felons who meet certain criteria to regain civil rights, such as the right to vote, run for office, serve on a jury and become a notary public. However, this law does not reinstate other rights, such as the right possess a firearm. Due to this restriction, someone who has been convicted of a felony may find him or herself charged with weapons crimes if he or she happens to have a firearm on his or her person, even if it was not involved in any kind of criminal activity.

Virginia woman arrested for assault on a law enforcement officer

In the news today, crimes that occur between citizens and law enforcement officers dominate the deadlines. The introduction of body cameras on police officers in many jurisdictions has begun to help quell the strife, but many states and local departments do not have the cost of this technology in their budget. In many instances in Virginia, there is a lack of documented footage from body cameras either because they do not exist or because the cameras are not turned on. The result is that accounts can differ greatly in cases where people are charged with assault on a police officer.

DUI charge made in fatal Virginia crash

For some drivers, deciding to get behind the wheel after having too much to drink is a regular occurrence. For others, the first time they make that choice can result in terrible consequences, such as a DUI charge or worse, depending on the accident or infraction. Regardless, being accused of alcohol-related offenses while driving in Virginia can result in license suspension, fines and, in some cases, even jail time.